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Anyone installed a boost controller?

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Is the chip usually the preferred route, or do some of you like to manually control the amount of boost that you run? I'm looking at moving back into Volvo land soon, and I'm sure I'll be mod hungry, so I'd like to see how you guys modify your small-displacement turbos.
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Well, One of the main pluses about the boost controler, is you can turn the boost off when you crusing/on the highway and don't need it, in turn, getting the best gas mileage. But for me? I would get the chip, I don't trust my self enough. I think the guys that made the chip know a little more about boost and how much my car should have a little more than I do.
I am thinking about doing both a chip and separate boost controller. I can see several areas in which the car could use some intelligence from me given certain road conditions. Granted, the chip tuners may know more about the engine's fuel curve, injector dwell, timing advance, and other cool things, but only I know what the road conditions are and what I need when I need it. I have not done any mods to my car really, other than tweak the wastegate bleed off valve, but chip and boost control are in the long-term plan.

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