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Anyone install EST Projectors w HID in a MY 2005 XC70?

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EST Projectors w HID installed in MY 2005 XC70

The title says it all-- Has anyone installed the EST projectors w HID kit in an 05 XC70?

If yes, please post install or direct me to an install thread. Specific areas of interest are:
1. The wiring within the EST Headlight,
2. Wiring the HID plug and Ballast,
3. High Beam bulb choice,
4. How the EST cable is connected to the OEM headlighgt harness and
5. How all of that is connected to the XC70.

Any other installl help will be appreciated.

TIA :)
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To clarify, these light WILL cause a "dipped beam" message if installed on my 04 VR?
Check with Frank at EST
Now it is undone-----

Got it done. Also painted the eggcrate grill flat black. It is better color match in reality than in the photo: Grill to Forever Black on bumper cover :D Thanks again for the wiring diagrams link. This was not a "plug and play" mod.. :eek:

:facepalm: :mad:
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!!!! WTF happened!

was the light output that bad??
!!!! WTF happened!

was the light output that bad??
I forgot westside Chicago rules of the road: Go on Red and proceed with caution on Green. Now I just pray the XC is not totaled. :mad:

Light wise, the high beams still work.
Not a good sign: my claim has now gone to the insurance companies "total" division--

Jim: I hope it is a buyer's market for 2005 XC70"s
Bye Bye 2005

:(Car was totaled -- Got a "new to me" 2009 XC70 T6.

My thanks to all who helped me with the mods done to the 05 over the years.

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