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Anyone install EST Projectors w HID in a MY 2005 XC70?

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EST Projectors w HID installed in MY 2005 XC70

The title says it all-- Has anyone installed the EST projectors w HID kit in an 05 XC70?

If yes, please post install or direct me to an install thread. Specific areas of interest are:
1. The wiring within the EST Headlight,
2. Wiring the HID plug and Ballast,
3. High Beam bulb choice,
4. How the EST cable is connected to the OEM headlighgt harness and
5. How all of that is connected to the XC70.

Any other installl help will be appreciated.

TIA :)
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Does your car have factory HIDs, that is a huge factor here.
01-04 plugs the same
05+ are different plugs

I am kinda curious to see the plug mount on the back of the headlight ...
didnt you use to drop 05+ headlights in your XC70s and your old Silver V70?
Great job Ozzie, I think the chrome versions do a better job of hiding the Audi DRL. i would be interested in seeing a set of these pulled apart, Amber reflector deleted, and spray a matter silver (similar to the R bezels. though i think by that point you are better of with a set of Retrofitted projectors.
Thanks. The job was a PIA. I still need to put Klasse wax on the grill. I am waiting a couple more days for the paint to cure. I think that will bring the grill and bumoper colors closer together.

The matte silver does look nice. I happen to like the LEDs and will be putting a swtch in to turn off the HIDs, leaving the LEDs as DRLs. The way the HIDs are now wired, the center position on the headlight switch does not turn off the HIDs. The LED wiring is a mystery (internal within the headlight housing and are powereed-up when the HIDs are on). If that was not the case, the peanut bulb wiring may have been a possible source to power the LEDs. As it now stands, the HIDs and LEDs are on all the time.

The other fun factor is that the HIDs doen't always power up on the first start...another mystery.
Does it flicker and not turn on? it could be a failing ballast if its not coming on all the time.
!!!! WTF happened!

was the light output that bad??
1 - 5 of 27 Posts
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