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Hey everyone.

Car runs and drives fine, but having a battery drainage issue.

Car battery has gone dead three times over the past four days. Each time boosted, drove around for 30 mins. But would die the following day (but only after having driven for a while too - not at first start up). At no time were any of the doors left open, no dome lights, etc. Confirmed each time that all lights were off.

At first I thought of three possible issues:
(a) bad battery - it is 7 years old after all
(b) alternator failing
(c) parasitic draw

I had the battery tested at Crappy Tire with a Snap On Tester. Came back as "good". Also hooked up a multimeter to the battery while car was off. Read 12.6 (which is good - normal). So, the battery looks good.

Then turned on the car, and multimeter read 14.0 (which is good - normal). So, the alternator is charging the battery.

So, watched some youtube videos on testing for parasitic draws (ie. Eric the Car Guy, Humble Mechanic etc.)

One video says to check for codes before doing the parasitic draw test, as one of the modules may be acting up.

I checked for codes by putting my foot on the brake, hold the read button, and then tapping the rear fog light button twice.

I noted the following dtc's saved on the car:
- BCM (brake control module)
- TCM (transmission control module)
- CEM (Central Electronic Module)

Not sure if any of these have anything to do with the parasitic draw. Unlikely because these DTC's have been stored in the vehicle for some time now.

I'm wondering if anyone of you guys have a working VIDA / DICE to scan the car. Just want to get these DTC's cleared, before I continue with a parasitic draw test.

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