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Anyone have any S60 Alloys?

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Hi guys,
Just bought an S60 T5 and it only had its winter wheels. Would anyone have a set of alloys in either 16" or 17" for sale?

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Re: Anyone have any S60 Alloys? (robsvolvos)

Hey Rob, nice buy! I'll keep my eyes open down here...
Re: Anyone have any S60 Alloys? (charles)

I picked it up in Toronto yesterday. It's in pretty nice shape. Silver with charcoal leather interior. As I discovered with my 850, it's extremely hard to find a turbo with a stick. The nice thing with the T5 is that it has the sport suspension package as standard equipment, so when you couple that with 247hp, you get a pretty nice car. I've also never had an audio system in my car that makes me want to sit in it for hours just listening. It's amazing.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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