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Anyone have any experience with (or concerns about) this replacement head unit?

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It seems to have all the bases covered, I wonder if it really stands up.


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Re: Anyone have any experience with (or concerns about) this replacement head unit? (idlemind)

Do a search for 'bluepower' here and on volvospeed. IPD also has a few videos on youtube evaluating it, just search there too.

IPD actually decided not to carry the product, so you can read into that what you will. The manufacturer might be working on a new version based upon forum and IPD feedback, but I cannot confirm that.

I was drooling when I first saw it too, but it might need a little work
Re: Anyone have any experience with (palooka.s70)


I'm still drooling, it would solve ALL of my in car AV needs (as long as the sound/build quality was good)

Currently I Have:

2007 XC70 - Climate - Convenience - Something else I can't remember
HU-650 plain jane
Garmin 850
iPods - iPhone - Bluetooth stuff

I want to be able to (In order of importance):

Must Haves

1. Play music from my iPod on the car stereo with good sound.
2. Clean install no wires all over the place
3. Use HU controls AND Steering Wheel Controls - minimal (if any) iPod control use.
4. Playlist/Song info display in HU


1. Ability to add XM or HD later
2. Ability to add video later
3. GPS (garmin preferred) minimal visible wires
4. A way to use my bluetooth phone over the stereo maybe with steering wheel control

Would be nice:

1. MP3 CD/DVD support
2. Video OUT
3. Multiple sources/zones
4. USB/FW connection.

My concerns:

1. Is the GPS hard drive based? DVD? DOes it even do US?
2. Build quality, Sound Quality, Warrantee
3. Tech Support? Firmware upgrades?
4. Will it get US stations?
5. iPod Playlists?
6. Can you add XM / HD?
7. When I back up, will my read parking sensor still mute the music and beep? (and display show parking)
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Re: Anyone have any experience with (idlemind)

in my opinion forget bluepower and go with a volvo type pop up video display driven by a garmin gvn53 as my previous post as well as SS60. The gps in bluepower will never match garmin performance and it will drive you crazy. Also use of steering wheel controls requires an $ dietz connector. For ipod sound go with an IMIV and upgrade to an hu-850 ...that will preserve your backup sensors...otherwise get a pioneer in dash GPS and give up parking sensors with the dietz steering wheel controls... imo its much better not to look down for directions.... my 2 cents
Re: Anyone have any experience with (98glt)

The other reason I was second guessing was because I just ordered the iMIV.

I have a Garmin 850, I wanted to get the Garmin Volvo Mount (only) but I read the 850 wont fit on it (it uses the 760 mount) does anyone know for sure?? I'd actually trade my Nuvi 850 with voice for the Garmin with the volvo mount.. I dont want to go with anyone elses GPS UI. I've only had garmins and over the years, bought (or handed down) them for most of my family...

I was also thinking how to get bluetooth hands free...so this thing seemed to have it all...

you are right on the looking down for directions thing.... mine is right on the dash... but i find that Garmins voice directions are usually all I need.
Re: Anyone have any experience with (idlemind)

I think you should get the gvn53.its such a cleaner install and its nice having it builtin..I think if you go through the trouble of getting the volvo mount it wouldnt be a lot more than the built in gps
Re: Anyone have any experience with (98glt)

I want one.. really..... the coolness of talking to my Garmin and it understanding me is less important than staring at the wires that I am too scared to take apart the dash and hide...
There are some videos of the use of this unit in the S60 forum, and while the unit had great potential the GUI seems sorely lacking.
Re: (landrumdh)

I was on youtube and caught the ipd review and some others. I even wrote to some people on Ebay that bought it. They seem to be "making themselves" like it... but when I saw the UI, it looked so 80's videogame, it kinda turned me off..
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