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Anyone ever have trouble with going from an old lease to a new lease with Volvo? We went from a 2016 XC90 to 2019 XC90. When we turned in the old lease to the dealer to pickup the new one we had a balance left over (excise taxes) and were told by the dealer AND Volvo Financial that a final bill would be issued for any wear/tear post inspection, and if there was none it would just be the account balance. Just today I get a snail mail from Volvo saying our old account is past due! We haven't even received the wear/tear invoice that would have included any prev. account bal.

Im so confused and annoyed with Volvo Financial right now...we couldnt access our old account since June when we turned in our old car and picked up our new one....that caused us to call Volvo Financial after setting up the new account ask when final bill would be generated and they said it'll all be issued post inspection...I feel like we did everything right and were just told to wait and now I get a "past due" notice...its even more frustrating that the Volvo Financial phone # they left in the letter dated last week, its late July mind you, said to call between Monday - Thursday 7AM - 8PM CST to only get a message that as of 6.1.19 (1.5m ago) they decided that hours are now only till 5PM EST...

All this really leaves a bad taste in my mouth, now I might have to deal with a credit ding because this? It's all extremely annoying that I now have to do extra leg work on this when initially being told to "just wait till we give you a final bill". If this does ding my credit for sure no more Volvo products all due to their financial branch's ineptitude....
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