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Re: Anyone else experience an occaisional backfire while shifting? (RainyS60R)

Quote, originally posted by RainyS60R »
Hmmm.... unburned fuel exiting through the exaust system. Are you sure that's a good thing? Won't my cat, sensors, etc suffer damage as a result? I don't have to be racing the engine to hear the pop. It has no common cause so far as I can tell.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for personality, but at over $40K this does strike me as a tad unrefined. The "R" does stand for refinement, right?

- Tryg

volvo came out with a statement to dealers that this was a feature programmed into the ecu to increase the sporty nature of the car. or something like that...
which sounds more like to me
"Its a feature, not a bug"

either way, its normal.
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