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Anybody seen Koni Sport shocks actually fail?

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I have been running Koni Adjustable shocks for about 125k miles on my 850t5 and have replaced both front upper strut mounts, spring seats, control arm assemby, heavy duty sway bar links and steering links. The car still has a clunking sound coming from the front passenger side supension. Oh year the front motor mount was also changed in the efforts to remedy the annoying clunk. Those crooks at the Volvo Dealer suggested it was my Konis, so did my Indi Volvo mech whom I have gone to for about 6 years and is a has allways expressed disinterest in my modified 850 but yet loves to drive it.
IPD says it is highly unlikely, just wanted to get some feedback from the people that would really know whats up, Volvo drivers / enthusiast. Should I spend the shipping cost to send the strut back to Portland? they do have limited life time warranty right? Thank you to any responders!
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Re: Anybody seen Koni Sport shocks actually fail? (lbcvolvo)

Assuming that the spring seats are OK check the sway bar end links and make sure they are tight.

I've seen Konis go bad but it was only after a collision and the strut was bent.

Re: Anybody seen Koni Sport shocks actually fail? (Ozark Lee)

Yeah, thanks. I just got through talking to IPD and I am going to send the strut in to them so they can send it to Koni. I have changed the Spring seat and the end bar links are solid. Do you think maybe the sway bar (which are IPD also) bushings might be bad as the sway bar is about 6 yearls old just like the Konis.
Re: Anybody seen Koni Sport shocks actually fail? (lbcvolvo)

I have a pair of 2001 "insert a strut" Konis for a V70, that were newer installed, can I try to insert those puppies into the 850 Konis struts? http://********************/smile/emthdown.gif http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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