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Anybody Install (DIY) a Roof Mount DVD Player?

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Any "do-it-yourselfers" out there?

Told the wife that I would put a DVD player in our XC90. Since it has a moonroof I am wondering if that might interfere with a roof mount DVD player.

But if anybody has experience with a DIY install of an aftermarket DVD player, particularly in an XC90, I would love to hear about it.

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Sorry that I've never taken pics, but I did put one in ours myself. It was a big pain in the butt, but it was the first one I've done.

I was going to have a pro install, but most places I went to said "no go." Finally found a Best Buy that would have done it, but things went sour there and my wife wound up taking the car back. So it fell to me.

I'm not sure why all the fuss from the other places. I did not need to add any extra bracing. There is a metal cross bracket in the roof right behind the moonroof. The shade slide over top of this bracket, so it is a perfect mounting location. Just have to use screws shallow enough to not interfere with the shade.

Biggest pain was dropping the headliner to run the wires. I am feeding the audio through the aux input of the Gateway unit.
Re: (tpezzolo)

Quote, originally posted by tpezzolo »

Any advice about dropping the headliner or running the wires? I will be doing one of these installs in the very near future. Can I send you an email if any questions come up during my install?

Sure. You can email me. I'll provide whatever info I can remember. I always intend to take pics during installs, but never actually do it.

As for dropping the headliner, my advice is to not try to shortcut it. There were many times I stopped pulling trim and tried to squeeze my arm up there, only to waste 20 minutes pointlessly fumbling for wires, etc. You will need to pull all pillars, grab handles, visors, and moonroof trim. Run all your wires, cut your hole, mount your plate, etc. Then put it all back, connec the player to the wires, and screw it in place. I'm sure for experienced folks, this is all relatively painless.

And, as stated above, route your wires so they don't interfered with the airbags. I tucked mine behind the bag brackets, then came across at the crossmember behind the moonroof. Power wires I brought up on the driver's side from the fuse panel, and audio I did on the passenger side from the glovebox where I mounted the Gateway aux input. I have no idea about wires already being up there. I certainly didn't find any.
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