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Anybody Install (DIY) a Roof Mount DVD Player?

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Any "do-it-yourselfers" out there?

Told the wife that I would put a DVD player in our XC90. Since it has a moonroof I am wondering if that might interfere with a roof mount DVD player.

But if anybody has experience with a DIY install of an aftermarket DVD player, particularly in an XC90, I would love to hear about it.

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Re: Anybody Install (slaws4)

Hey thanks! Great pics. That helps me alot. Do you know the model number on that unit? I'd like to get something just like that, and I'd like to figure out how much it costs, and what the bells and whistles are.

Thanks again!
Re: (Qbrozen)

Quote, originally posted by Qbrozen »
Biggest pain was dropping the headliner to run the wires. I am feeding the audio through the aux input of the Gateway unit.

Any advice about dropping the headliner or running the wires? I will be doing one of these installs in the very near future. Can I send you an email if any questions come up during my install?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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