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We have a few (personally and in our business) VW Group TDI's (2 Touaregs and 1 Cayenne) - love them.

Has anyone purchased a 2016 XC90 that previously drove one of the above cars?

I test drove a couple XC90s on the past three weeks (one Momentum no air suspension and one inscription with air suspension).

I think it wd take me a while getting used to the 4 cylinder as the TDI is enormously pleasant for most of our needs (we went to TDIs from mainly V6 SUVs in the past). I am not saying the 4 cylinder wouldn't be enjoyable, it is just allot different from the tremendous low end grunt you get from a diesel. My question - have any of you went from a diesel SUV to the XC90 T6 and what has been your experience? DO you miss the TDI?

Additionally, I think the TDI diesels are going to outdo the XC 90 T6 in fuel economy by a good measure. The ones we have average around 24 MPG over about 75,000 miles of driving which is extraordinary for a large well built SUV (such as Touareg Cayenne & Q7).

I appreciate everyone's thoughts.

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