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As the title says, anyone from the Middle East? I want to write to Volvo to offer 360 cameras as an option/accessory. According to my dealer this option will not make it to the Middle East until mid 2017. I'm receiving my car next week and I'm hoping that they would offer it as an accessory at some point.

This should be a fairly easy option to install. This is based on a conclusion that I came with from another thread here. The thread speaks of ventalted seats and points an unused socket that maybe the power source for the massage unit in equipped vehicles. This lead me to the conclusion that Volvo is using one Harness kit regardless of configuration (makes sense operationally and financially). This means that the only addition when adding 360 cameras should be cameras and mirror housings (and o-rings and so on) and software.

Let me know if you are interested

To those non-ME owners who missed out on ordering 360 cameras, please join us.

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