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Oh they are green by the way :p

17x7 probably 52.5mm offset which is pretty standard and are off a P1 so are 63.4 center bore.

Powder coated psycho green over silver sparkle. No flaws at all and have Blizzaks with I think 4-5/32nds left on em, maybe good for one more winter season.

They are impossible to take a legit photo of without washing out the color or looking dark green so here's the actual wheel and then below that is a better example of psycho green. Which I would say mine are slightly darker than that pic in real life, I think the dudes flash is just amplifying the chrome base which mine don't have.

Reason for selling is I have another set of snow tires that are too big for these wheels, would be replacing these with a wider set of 17's which hopefully will clear my BBK without spacers this time.
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