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Any interest in 20" Heico Volutions?

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Hi guys. 20" Heico Volution Vs for sale. I recently bought these thinking I would use them for show wheels on my car. They have normal minor wear from curbing but aren't bent in any way, just cosmetic damage.
The wheels are 20x8.5 with an ET 49, and could work on the S60, XC90 (came off of an XC90), V70, etc. This same wheel style was on the Heico Odin show car when it first debuted, and looked amazing!
Make a reasonable offer and they can be yours. Retail price is $650 each wheel. Thanks!
The wheels are in great condition, one just has a little more curbing as shown, which could be touched up very easily.

On an XC90:

On the Heico Odin Show Car:

On an S60 (not sure of the size in this pic, just for visual):

Modified by your mom at 2:27 PM 5-1-2009

Modified by carreragt7 at 2:38 PM 5-1-2009

Modified by carreragt7 at 9:25 PM 5-1-2009
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whats he want?
Re: (B.G.)

Volution V or Volution X?

IIRC, the Volution X in 20" comes are FORGED only and are pretty expensive, definitely MORE than $650 per wheel.
Re: (ifnt420)

Sorry, typo. They are Vs, not Xs...
Re: (carreragt7)

First $1500 gets them, save over $1,000.
If anyone has 18"/19" Volution Vs or Xs, or other 18" or 19" that they would like to make some sort of a trade for these or my iForged let me know, I will consider serious offers and trades. Thanks!
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Re: (carreragt7)

Do you have pics of the Volutions? Are tires included?

Re: (hy_v70)

Email sent.
Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
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Re: (carreragt7)

can you send email pics and are tires included?
Re: (glenspeed)

Original post updated with pics. Wheels only, but I looked online and you can get different size 20"s for fairly cheap, cheaper than I could find my 19"s for.
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Re: (carreragt7)

New pics of each wheel, better showing the condition of each wheel. Please note the wheels have not been washed and are a little dirty.
Re: (carreragt7)

WHEELS ARE SOLD. Thanks everybody!
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