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My father-in-law is looking to replace his 240 and is interested in the S60s.

Besides the lease deals on the S60s, does anyone know if there any rebates for S60s in August. Back in June I was able to get $2000 rebate on the V70 I bought, anything like that going on now?

Also what is the loyalty rebate currently at?
The dealer up by me that I bought my V70 from is showing there is up to a $1500 loyalty rebate right now but the dealer my father in law talked with down in Norfolk area of Virginia would only say there is a $500 rebate and would not address if it was a loyalty rebate or anything else. As a volvo owner wouldn't he be entitled to the loyalty rebate and any other rebates currently offered?

And lastly is there any overseas delivery stock left on S60s, I thought the other month I read that you no longer had to go over to pick up the 2002 OSD stock anymore and you still were entitled to the tickets through the end of the year but I cannot find that information to confirm if I was remembering right.

My husband is going to start contacting dealers to help his father just trying to get conflicting information straightened out, any help would be appreciated.

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