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Antherzoll's 05XC70 Build Thread

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Hey Guys,

Not much of an introduction, but I'm Anthony and this is my XC70 build thread. Purchased in December 2012 with only 61k mi, now at October 2019 it's just over 145k mi and still going strong. Just pretty much doing my own thing and having fun with it as I go along. I've recently updated this thread with links to modification, trips, and repairs, but feel free to message me with any questions.


Engine/Transmission Performance Upgrades:

XC90 control arms
XC90 spindle/w hub & ball joints
XC90 2.5t front left/right axles



Major Repairs:

01-28-2015 - Steering Rack/Bushings/Spring Seats/IPD Swaybar Install

12-13-2015 - Haldex pump replaced/fluid service
01-20-2016 - Valvebody replaced
04-24-2016 - Angle gear seals/collar sleeve
03-26-2017 - Exhaust manifold gasket/Turbo turbine housing replacement

08-15-2018 - Throttle body failure

01-26-2019 - Bent rear toe arm and wheel

04-02-2020 - Upper Engine Wiring Harness

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...when i had booked the appointment the average temps were ~15*C, didn't know a heat wave was coming.
Nice car.

But, on what planet is 15C a heat wave? I don't even like to get out of bed when it's only 15C, and I'm not even really happy if it's under 30C :D
I booked the appointment a few days in advance, the temps were averaging 15*C, but on the day of the run it was 34*C :eek:
Now that is what I call nice weather! :D
1 - 2 of 1376 Posts