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Antherzoll's 05XC70 Build Thread

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Hey Guys,

Not much of an introduction, but I'm Anthony and this is my XC70 build thread. Purchased in December 2012 with only 61k mi, now at October 2019 it's just over 145k mi and still going strong. Just pretty much doing my own thing and having fun with it as I go along. I've recently updated this thread with links to modification, trips, and repairs, but feel free to message me with any questions.


Engine/Transmission Performance Upgrades:

XC90 control arms
XC90 spindle/w hub & ball joints
XC90 2.5t front left/right axles



Major Repairs:

01-28-2015 - Steering Rack/Bushings/Spring Seats/IPD Swaybar Install

12-13-2015 - Haldex pump replaced/fluid service
01-20-2016 - Valvebody replaced
04-24-2016 - Angle gear seals/collar sleeve
03-26-2017 - Exhaust manifold gasket/Turbo turbine housing replacement

08-15-2018 - Throttle body failure

01-26-2019 - Bent rear toe arm and wheel

04-02-2020 - Upper Engine Wiring Harness

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So I've recently flashed the ECU with a Stage 3 Hilton Tune and all I can say for now is the engine starts :p, haven't had any time to take it out for a run yet and might be some time until I can...
What does the Hilton Stg3 tune involve?

My current setup consists of:
TD04HL-16t w/7cm^2 ex. housing‎, 11 blade compressor & turbine wheels
3" Downpipe w/high flow race cat.
EST Catback
Upgraded stock mount intercooler
Blue Injectors
IPD full line of intake and charge air piping
Manifold & Throttle body spacers
6"x8" Dry flow cone filter.

I haven't started data logging yet, so I may need more parts, but my current set up has most of the requirements except for the FMIC, mine is a upgraded stock mount intercooler. If I have problems with IATs (which I haven't so far), then I may sell this unit and go for the FMIC.

Also my "larger then stock" turbo isn't that much larger, it is a TD04HL-16T, there are other who have larger turbos on similar builds. If I want more some day I'll go for the 19T, or even 20T conversion. Gotta leave some room for upgrades :)
NICE! I'm still trying to learn these Volvo Turbos and what is what and what is equal to what power ratio.
16t? No clue. I don't even know what turbo is on my car :( 2002 V70T5. But its Autoi so I don't see me going nuts with Power adders. Possible a one up - upgraded turbo. TD04HL is a MHI turbo. I do have a MHI TD05H-20g siting in a box. I don't think my Auto V70 would handle that too well if I was to find a way to make it fit/work on the Volvo platform. I had it on my BTA4Avant.
I'm going to look into the stg2 tune by Hilton.
This may help


I think your model came stock with the 16t, but I'm not sure.

IIRC dougy has a 20G on his S60R, could look up his build thread for more information on how he made it work. A 20G should be ok, it all boils down to the tuning.
that helped a lot. I don't see a turbo upgrade soon but def consider it. I will be doing mostly hwy driving so with ^that book marked and read, seems an 18t might be a good fit on the Auto with all supporting mods.
I will be turning over the Audi to the wife :( she will be driving a big turbo'd monster to work for now. My car is too hard to driving in NYC traffic with a stg4 OFE SS clutch.
so this 20g I have sitting in a box should work? Just would need to find the right exhaust housing for the Volvo manifold. It was set up for the t25 flanged audi manifold.
Anything is possible, but first I'd contact a tuner to see if they can tune that turbo with your setup, but I don't see the 20G posing a problem other then the one dougy has stated.

Also I've posted some information on you question thread pertaining to you motor and possible other sites you can mine for information. Good luck with modifying your Volvo and keep us posted on your progress.
thanks I was just posting on my thread! LOL

his 20g setup is NICE! More work than I'm willing to do right now. But was a good read, and he did some awesome work.
Looking for bolt and go type mods for now. The Audi is PLENTY fast with its built motor and the big Comp Tubo on it.
So had the sway bars installed and wow, what a difference! I'd have to say that this is the most noticeable upgrade to the XC so far because you feel it in every turn. Knowing what I know now I should have installed IPD swaybars when I bought my XC, it doesn't handel like a yacht anymore and the ride comfort is maintained. Lane changes, on ramps, and drifting in snow all feels more connected. I'd have to say I highly recommend these to anyone considering a upgrade to their suspension.

IPD Swaybars... DO IT! :cool:
that's a purchase I am working towards also. boy does the car feel like a boat. Some new springs, shock/struts and sways all at once! should feel like a new car
what exhaust again is that?

I spoke to EST and they will sell me a V70r (rear section) with a v70 front section as a kit. thinking of doing that to get rid of the OBX rear section. Or suck it up and fix the fitment and add a good DP
Nice that's what I had though you had.
So you are saying stick with new OEM mounts or is there a better option.
My car now has 190k and it rough to drive. Idle is fine but it's time to invest alot of new products up front on the car.
Starting with suspension and up to the motor mounts etc.
I love catching up reading thru your thread!

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