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Hello. This is my first post here on Swede speed! I'm not here because of my car but because of my sisters (93/850/teal/auto)

Well, the other day when I was washing it I noticed that the antenna no longer retracts. Is there an easy fix to this problem? I think the people who fixed it messed it up.

It was rear ened at about 55 mph by a Toyota truck; it had very minimal damage (only bad thing was the frame) the place that fixed it messed a lot of stuff up when
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Is the antenna motor still working at all, or is it dead? The plastic teeth inside the antenna mast could be chewed up as well, which prevents the motor gear from pulling the antenna down. If the motor is not working at all, it could have been wired incorrectly after the accident.

I can still hear the Motor working..
Sounds to me like your antenna mast needs replacing - fairly common.

The dealer sell the mast for around $30 bucks.

Go to Volvospeed.com for illustrated instructions if you'd like to do it yourself.

Not uncommon for the antenna mast to need replacing - sounds like the motor is A'OK.

Good Luck !
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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