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Let me know what you guys think. I used the euro sport lenses coupled with a pair E55 H7 projectors and a couple of cans of paint and primer + a wiz wheel and some plastic metal to seal and lock it. So far no leaks :D


Original aka fugly...

The project!

Before paint W/ chrome

With paint


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[IMG said:

Dude - I have to say I applaud your ability and creativity!

From the direct front or in the night shots I think it looks OK -
But unfortunately it looks incomplete because you can see the mounting/bracket setup & hardware used to secure it to the original reflector.
Besides that you have light escaping from the sides behind the actual projector lens.
I would consider finding something to use as a shroud to cover the mounting set up or go with something from the Retrofit Source. http://www.theretrofitsource.com/index.php?cPath=30

Nice work, just wish it was finished a little cleaner and less mechanical looking.
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