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Hi everybody, I've been browsing the forum for awhile and found a lot of great info but now I'm having a hard time.

I bought a 2006 xc90 D5 2.5 about a year ago here in Europe. After 3 months I changed the passenger front strut, it was way worse than the other 3 for some reason. All was well, a few months later I put on 4 new tires and had a 4 wheel alignment done. Soon after I noticed the passenger tire was wearing excessively on the outer edge.

I took the car back for alignment, this time I watched the whole process and the camber was off by 2 degrees positive (top out). The caster angle is also 1.9 deg lower than spec. The tire shop told me they couldn’t adjust either.
The camber on the drivers side is off by 1 degree in the other direction(top in), but that is the easiest to fix.

I filed out the adjustment hole on the strut and got the camber where it’s supposed to be but the caster is still way out.

I don’t recall the old tire wearing badly before I changed the strut but I'm not sure. The old tires were pretty bad overall.

I'm a bit confused at this point and have 2 theories.

Is it possible that the strut (Magnum AGV038MT- crossreferences to the OEN(31200416) that was in there) is slightly different and getting a better brand will fix the alignment. Has anybody seen supposedly compatible struts that are way off? I did notice the spring support is closer to the tire than on the opposite side.

Is it possible that the whole subframe is not exactly where it's supposed to be thats causing the whole misalignment? By my rough calculations we're talking about 1.4 cm laterally and 2.5 cm longitudinally on the passenger side.
That seems like an awful lot and the subframe bolts don't have that much adjustment, if you're even supposed to adjust anything there.
The rubber mounts on the subframe are old, but don't look like they can be off by that much. The distance between the front and rear wheels is within 2mm on each side so I don't think the subframe is off.

Any ideas are welcome, and from what I've read on the struts pages I probably do need to invest in a pair of decent new struts anyhow.
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