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Just going thru some modifications and upgrades on a 850 and bought a pair of angel eye headlights of Ebay which are direct replacement and fit in the 850 1995.

I wasn't aware that I would run into these two small things but if anyone has had experience with this before I would appreciate any suggestions or comments.

1. After installing all the wires and plugs on the back and tightening all the bolts I discovered that when I use the turn signal they flash at a higher Frequency. I think the problem with it is that these bulbs are one filament bulbs vs. the factory one that has two filament. When I use the flash hazards the frequency is the same, but I think because the relay for them, doesn't think about a two filament bulbs since it is designed to work without power on the ignition. So, before I uninstall the headlights to check if they would be compatible with the two filament bulbs, I am wondering if anyone ran into this before and what solution took place.

2. Also, went and bought a pair of HIDs H1 on Ebay as well, and found out that the bulbs would not go thru the housing of the bulbs. There isn't enough clearance for the HID in the housing. I am not sure if anyone ran into this as well for this application I am talking about.

Thanks and appreciate any comments.

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