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I say off road/race only, because in some states or cities this type of exhaust work would violate emissions protocols.

It seems to me that my cat is clogged, and the rest of my exhaust is the only source of rust on my whole car. So:

I'm starting just in front of the downpipe connection, hacking the rusted system off and starting from scratch.

Since my car has a 2.5" downpipe, I'm going to make the entire system 2.5".

In the former location of the cat I'm installing a Twister muffler, http://www.flopro.com/Twister.htm, these things actually muffle the sound quite a bit with a really good flow through. But they're still to loud for everyday use.

I'm not putting anything in the stock location of the resonator, but instead I'm installing one of the V Force single in dual out mufflers from the same company, where the rear muffler on the wagon was. I'll probably stick a couple of tips on there to dress it up a bit.

I think this combination will reduce back pressure considerably if compared to the stock set up, and while it'll probably be louder, it won't be annoying. My biggest fear is too much resonance inside the car at highway speeds.

And, no, we don't have emissions testing where I live, even though the car would pass everything except the visual inspection without a cat.
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