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Anyone else have issues with their grounds in the R (or really any S60!
)? I only ask this because my subwoofer has decided to stop turning on. I removed everything and tested it all, only to find it all works... After reinstalling, it worked great!! ...Until I shut the car off and turned it back on, then it was back to not turning on!! Rinse and repeat, same outcome!! Methinks my grounds aren't *quite* as good as they should be (But jeez, I'm just using a Rockford Fosgate 400W amp for chrissakes!! I'll have to check the spec on the capacitor, but it is RockFos as well, and not big!). What have you all done to ground your equipment? I don't want to make a new hole or anything, so I'm using preexisting bolts (will post pictures when I get home!). Any ideas!!


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