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"Drift Assist"?

I just completed a 1500 mile road trip with our XC90. A portion of this trip was during wicked wind, gusting to 25-40 mph. It was incredible how stable the car performed. It never felt like it was buffeted by the high winds. Both my wife and I were amazed at the stability in the wind.

I mentioned this to my service writer and he said it was due to Volvos "drift assist". This is distinct and different from lane keeping assist or pilot assist. He indicated the car monitors if the driver requires assist to stay straight, and if so, provides subtle steering assist to counter torque acting against the drivers minor corrections. In essence it was fighting the wind for us.

I can't find any documentation on this feature, but it, or something, made this the most stable ride we have ever had.

On a related item, the ACC cut out automatically half a dozen times each way with a message the windscreen sensor is blocked. It wasn't, and the windscreen was clear of rain or snow. It would allow us to reengage after a few minutes. Dealer had no clue and could not diagnose due to no codes being stored.

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