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Re: Amazing video of a Ford Explorer rolling over 7 or 8 times (GrecianVolvo)

One other factor to consider here.............I would bet you "dollars to donuts" (ya hadn't heard that one in awhile
)...that the cruise control was in use on the Explorer? Which...to me...would have compounded the issue by keeping constant power to the drive wheels! Plus...the driver may have slammed on the brakes forcing additional inertia to aid in the transfer of motion....
Fact is....even an "unskilled" driver who is "prepared" or anticpates an impending accident can disengage the cruise by tapping the brake...reduce their speed and try to keep the vehicle controlled. It all happens SO FAST...and much of our driving reactions are instinctive and subconscience reactions to what we see and sense.
In this case...I think the Explorer was caught completely off gaurd!
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