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Re: Amazing video of a Ford Explorer rolling over 7 or 8 times (GrecianVolvo)

I saw the video on TV yesterday night.

I doubt RSC would have helped much in this particular situation. As much as I'm a big fan of RSC, in this case, the driver may have caused the initial rollover by oversteering and turning the car too far and too fast away from the direction of travel. That, plus the effect of returning to the highway from the shoulder was sufficient to tip it over. RSC would have had no effect on either one.

Unless RSC can shoot an anchor off the port side, the rollover would not have been avoided in the exact same situation with or without RSC.

At any rate, it is amazing that the driver survived with only minor injuries. I hope they catch the other driver and toss away the key. Not stopping after the fact is unforgivable.
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