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Hi All,

I've had my XC90 V8 for around six months now and I just got back from my first long road trip. I drove from Boston MA to Toronto Canada and back. I was going up to Toronto for 10 days and figured instead of flying ($468 return) and needing to rent a car for 10 days I'd drive my baby up and back. The trip is 600 Miles one way

The vehicle performed amazingly well on the drive up, even with the pouring rain. I drove with cruise control set to 73 Mph and I was getting avrg of 22 MPG. The return trip saw great sunny weather and for 3/4 of the journey I tucked in behind a Lexus GS 300 AWD and we avrged an amazing 21.3 MPG doing an avrg 80 Mph. The vehicle had a good amount of stuff in the back and it was my wife and myself.

I really loved the long trip and found the seats very comfortable and the V8 always willing to fly
I really love my XC90 V8
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