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First, the car - 2001 v70 T5M 109,000 miles.

So, last Monday, I get a CEL with "Emissions System Service Required", so I take it to my indie shop (really good guys, usually right on the mark). Mind you, I have been getting intermittent gas cap loose messages for a while. They scanned the car and found ECM 4010 EVAP canister shutoff valve signal missing. Clear the code, smoke tested it (no leaks found), drove the car a while with no recurrance, so they wrote it off as intermittent and moved on. Trip is not a total loss since I had a leaky seal and torn control arm bushing replaced.

Friday, as I start up the car after making a pizza stop, guess what, the CEL comes back on, same message. Big surprise, right?

So do I instruct them to replace the purge valve, or is there something else it could be?

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