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Hey Guys, (cross post from c30crew)

Looking for a bit of info - I've been driving across country and have started running into a bit of an issues. The other day I replaced the oil and filter, the seal on the filter didn't sit correctly so it cause some oil to spew onto the alternator. Then on our trip, I start getting a voltage overload error displaying in the dash. Guessing that the alternator was the culprit, I went ahead and completed a replacement. When I made the first start after the task was completed, it sounded like the belts were slipping.

I will be replacing the belts just to be sure, however from what I have read - maybe the bushing inside the alternator need to be "broken in"? I purchased the part from autozone so it has been refurbished.

I need to make another 12 hours to get "home" safely, so any feedback would be super. I don't want to get stranded.

A video should help - hopefully it will make you feel like you're standing over the hood!

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