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If you're using the OE head unit and the "remote" wire it provides for turn on, the pop is most likely the result of that remote wire connection. The remote wire doesn't turn off when the radio is turned off, rather it turns off when the key is off. Try disconnecting the inputs to the amplifier and check for a pop. If there is no pop, then measure the outputs from the radio to see if there is a pop when it turns on or off--look for DC. If the answer to that is no, then measure the DC voltage from each of the radio's output leads to chassis. IF you find 6V DC onmeach (when measured to chassis), that's probably the source difficulty when using aftermarket amplifiers which don't usually have a true differential input.

If all of that is the case, some small capacitors (10uF electrolytic) in each of the radio's output wires will probably fix the problem.
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