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I've been slackin but finally got all of ARD's tunes listed up on my site, check them out here:

Volvo ECU upgrades

We have tunes for:

Turbo 850's
Turbo 98 X70's,
Turbo 99-09 X70's
Turbo S60's
04-07 R's.

As most regular forum users know we have Motronic 4.4 conversions for 850 turbos and reasonably priced cloning services for ME7, plus contact us directly to discuss deleting emissions devices from your vehicle. (Race vehicles only of course ;-)

The biggest announcement that I'd like to make is that for all P2 owners who have Active Chassis Controls Robert has started Beta MMS "Multiple Map Selection" . Simply put, If you have 4C controls then you can switch between 2 maps with your 4C controls. Comfort = Stock, Advanced = ARD ;-)

MMS will be available soon as an option on all ME7 tunes. You're cost through Snabb is $175 on top of the remap. And remember when you purchase ARD tunes though Snabb.us you automatically get them for 10% off ARD's prices!

One more thing: Until Robert finishes choosing our remote loading method all ME7 ecus' have to be sent in to ARD directly to be tuned. You can still order directly through Snabb to get the 10% savings. If you want to have your ECU cloned then tuned we can do that as well. Cloning charges (and core charge if needed) apply.

Thanks for all your Support!
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