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I've been watching a thread over on VWvortex about alarm upgrades like interior radar and shock sensors that are being wired into the stock systems. Seems like some interesting upgrades that I may consider on my 850 as well. I'll let you guys know if I start digging into this.

Another feature I'd like to add if I start playing is a chirp or honk when the alarm is activated and deactivated (i.e. locking the car and maybe unlocking the car as well). Has anyone seen any mods like this?


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I haven't had direct experience with the Volvo alarms but I recently tried to wire a DEI shock sensor into my factory Accord alarm. The tech I had do it said he had a bear of a time to make it work and ultimately the thing falsed all the time. In the end I just had the thing pulled.

It may be easier to have a new "brain" installed and have a 3rd party remote learn the stock Volvo remote so you don't have to carry 2 of them.

I guess the thing to watch is that you have an installer intimately familiar with a Volvo alarm before you try and of this.
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