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Airbag light not resettable

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this is my first post, my Name is lokako, I'm 22 Years old, live in Germany and work in an IT company.

I'm driving a V40 1.9D built in 2001 with over 250.000 miles (400.000km).

Unfortunately my car showed a airbag light when I started it last thursday.

Right now it's pretty cold here in Germany (-15 degrees Celsius), so the car did not start at first try, after second try it started but showed the airbag light.

I tried to reset/delete the fault code with an OBD-Scanner (ICarSoft CR Pro), but it shows an internal error.

Does someone have an idea how to fix this?

Best regards, lokako
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You can do it with a tool like this; I have one and have done it.

It does not give you the customization options as Vida/Dice, but it's handy and easier to use for the majority of the custom Volvo/Saab protocols..
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