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Air Temp Sensor

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In the above picture I have circled in green what seems to me is the interior temp. sensor(by the way, this isn't from an S60, but its the same thing I am referring to in my car) When I look inbetween the little slots on my mom's XC70, it looks like there is a solid copper wire running straight across the inside, this looks like the sensor. However, when I look at MY car "sensor" inbetween the slots, the copper wire appears to be broken.
my theory is that the person who owned the car before me decided it was a genius idea to stick something inside the slots problably trying to clean it, and ended up breaking the wire. So my question is what can I do about this? Is this sensor replaceable? Thanks guys.
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How does it control the temperature of both sides of the car individually with only one temperature sensor? I know on my 850 there was a sensor on each side in the front up by the grab handle... But in the S60, there's only the one in the dash?
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