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Air Temp Sensor

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In the above picture I have circled in green what seems to me is the interior temp. sensor(by the way, this isn't from an S60, but its the same thing I am referring to in my car) When I look inbetween the little slots on my mom's XC70, it looks like there is a solid copper wire running straight across the inside, this looks like the sensor. However, when I look at MY car "sensor" inbetween the slots, the copper wire appears to be broken.
my theory is that the person who owned the car before me decided it was a genius idea to stick something inside the slots problably trying to clean it, and ended up breaking the wire. So my question is what can I do about this? Is this sensor replaceable? Thanks guys.
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Rooting through VADIS I come up with the only interior air temperature sensor related part in the EEC unit that is replaceable separately is said EEC unit's miniature fan unit that blows air over said temperature sensor.

That said, I haven't explored if said temperature sensor is part of the miniature fan unit or it is a non-serviceable part that requires replacement of the entire ECC for quite a lot of coin. Which is to say that VADIS doesn't indicate a part number specific to just said interior air temperature sensor.

In any case, the part numbers for said fan unit specific to an '04 S60 are:
8633677 for chassis numbers up to 135345
8691666 for chassis numbers 135346 and higher

The chassis number is the last six digits on the vehicle's VIN.

My sources indicate a list price of $143.09 for either aforementioned part number BTW.
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