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Re: Air Mod Tests (R_Rated)

Quote, originally posted by R_Rated »
I have been thinking about ways to test different theories for modded airboxes/intakes/"Kelly" ram air. Since a dyno will be useless to measure the gaines here try this:

I always tape my front end for road trips and traveling to shows. Takes 5 minutes and keeps from getting peppered with rock chips and bugs. Blue painters tape comes off easy and leaves NO residue.

Take one strip and place it where the Evolve Hood vent would go leaving the end folded over to act as a "flap" for the wind/air to catch.

Then take a second piece (just a small square will work) and place it over the part of the grill where you would put the entrance to Kelly's air mod.

One of us with the evolve vent could also just tie some short strings to the vent grille. They should either blow in or out, yes?
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