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I got a problem with my V70 2.5 10V.
My radiator leaked (only 3 years old) at the very top. The upper radiator hose was pretty hard.
So I went ahead and swapped in a new radiator and a new thermostat.
I noticed while I bled the system that air gets trapped in the upper coolant hose, right pretty close to where the old radiator leaked.
So i tested the coolant with CO2 test 3 times but no luck with that.
So i changed the small coolant hose on top of the thermostat housing and used a clear hose this time.
Now i can see that it is sucking the air from the reservoir into system on everything higher than idle.
The coolant level rises proportional to the air bubbles going in.
While ideling the air cant go back out of system until i turn of the car and wait 5 seconds.
Then all the bubbles at once escape through the small hose.

What could that be? I changed the cap as well. I am searching for a week now. Has anyone of you had such a problem?

Thanks in advance
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