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Air Conditioning

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I'm just trying to figure out if it's normal operation for the air conditioning to kick off for a minute or two in REALLY hot outside temperatures? My compressor isn't cycling quickly, the usual low Freon indicator, but the air gets warm for a minute or two then cools back down while driving recently (past two days). The weather here in Maryland is extremely hot and humid. Is there any kind of shutoff if the compressor is working too hard?

Thanks in advance.

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This happened to me once, it went off, and smelled really bad for a minute. I turned it off and back on a minute later, and it has been working ever since. Just got my 85K service and everything seems to be fine. It was really hot that day...
Do you know if the AC evaporator has been replaced on your car? They tend to go bad, causing Freon leaks that are difficult to trace.
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