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I just had the rear windows tinted on my 2005 S40. They were tinted by a friend who HAD an audio shop and now tints windows on the side. Anyhow, when he returned with my car he told me that he tripped the air bag sensor. On the computer it read "Pass air bag off service urgent". My freind said that he tinted an S60 a couple of weeks ago and it did the same thing. The owner of that car left it out in the sun for about a day and the message turned off the computer. Its been 4 days for me and the message still appears. My friend said because of the soap needed to lay the tint, it seeps down the window seal, which trips the sensor.

I'm pretty sure the ari bag is not damaged, but I do not want to take it to the dealer to get ripped off. Does anyone know how to resert the censor? Can I unplug the battery for about half an hour and will the computer reset.

Please help...
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