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Aftermarket Stereo for 2004 S40?

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I'm trying to find an ipod solution for my S40, currently with an HU-555 head unit. I've already bought the PA11-VOL, and I was unable to make it work on the HU-555. So now I'm going the route of a new aftermarket stereo to completely replace the HU-555. Is there any known kit to install an aftermarket stereo(like an Alpine) and interface it easily with the existing S40 wiring for speakers?

I've looked online and the "fit stereo to car" option on most pages always says it has no idea if any particular stereo will fit in a 2004 S40. It's been incredibly frustrating so far trying to get this ipod working in my volvo, but I have to figure something out! Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: Aftermarket Stereo for 2004 S40? (owenstc)

So nobody here has an aftermarket stereo in a 2004 S40?
Re: Aftermarket Stereo for 2004 S40? (owenstc)

There's a good chance that my adapter (soon to be released) will work on your HU. http://forums.swedespeed.com/zerothread?id=32512

I may be able to put you on the betatest list.
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