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After I got my '06, I went looking for an aftermarket grill. I'm partial to black mesh but it seems everything available is either for the S60 or S40, but not the S80. As if it doesn't have sporting pretensions hahahah.

I gave it some thought and looked at the one in my Toyota that I got after tapping a deer. I went on to eBay and from Erie Vo-Vo got a used S80 grill for $45 with shipping:

Releasing these arrow-head retainers removed the diagonal bar and VOLVO emblem

Next came the Dremel tool (again) with a 1/8 3-flute end mill ( I would recommend a 2-flute but we didn't have any at work).

I cut through all the bars of the egg crate, leaving some material left on the frame for later finishing. For this reason, I STRONGLY recommend using a grill from a 2004+ model, as there are a lot less bars to cut than with the original "waterfall" grill on the 99's - 03's.

I left the middle bar in place that holds the center of the VOLVO emblem - I was undecided at that point whether I would keep it or go straight-mesh, I figured I would decide after I installed it (or an automatic car wash tears it off hahaha).

I also left in place the protrusions that hold the corners of the diagonal bar for the same reason.

Next, I masked off the chrome areas I wanted to keep and sanded (again with the Dremel and sanding drums) the nubs.

3 coats of adhesion promoter and 5 coats of satin black (gloss would just highlight the sanding marks). This sounds like a lot but only took about 30 minutes.

Back to eBay, I bought a sheet of black ABS plastic honeycomb grill mesh for about $35 and some used S80 badges for about $6. I cut an oversize piece of mesh and used a hot glue gun to glue it to the grill frame. I weight it down to keep it in good contact with the frame and made sure to draw the glue bead up and over each rib. While the bond to the ABS might not be fantastic, that the glue forms a continuous ribbon over it to the other side makes it more secure. I then applied the S80 badges face-first to a piece of wide masking tape to establish the alignment and spacing, and then taped it to the ABS mesh and hot glued it in the same manner:

I used a long trim tool (I've read to use a long screwdriver but that's bull****, you'll scratch your paint) to release the catches and replaced the original drill with my creation:

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