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Aftermarket CD Changer For S60?

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I just ordered a 2002 S60 T5 which is coming with the single CD in-dash unit (which sounds pretty damn good for a stock unit, much much better than the stock on the A4 I currently drive). Anyway, wondering if this comes with the wiring to add an aftermarket CD changer? Is there anyone out there that added a CD changer to their S60 which is controlled from the stock unit?

Thanks! Jfilez
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i installed a changer into my volvo..mine did not come with the wiring pre-installed since i installed all the wiring myself and just had the dealer download the software. saved myself about $200. i figured if i can afford the car, i can afford the changer. looks real slick with the new panels they provide for the changer. just do the install yourself, it's not that hard, and have them do the software...
i got the factory changer, total cost was $800..just was real nice to my dealer and asked for a discount...and i also complained since i couldnt get it at time of order. works great, looks good in the trunk with the new panels..dont bother paying the dealer to do it...only took about 1 hr to do...i dont think you can have the car preloaded since each radio has it's own code, at least thats what the dealer said...any other questions, just ask
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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