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These past three years iv been wanting to buy an older Volvo it had to have the b230 engine turbo preferably but b230 a must. Finally after three years i finally broken down and bought one had to sell my reliable car to get it but Volvo because that's why.

i dubbed her Elvira first because i looked up Swedish girl names and 2nd that's Scarfaces wife name which is my all time number one movie. i picked her up Monday and was ecstatic to bring her home i bought her for 800 dollars drove somewhat i was to overwhelm to even care for the lack of boost or the cut 3in down pipe or the sunroof that wouldn't close all i cared about was getting home and PROJECT car time. Well long story short brought her home Monday afternoon and she sat until Tuesday night i got her registered and i was missing with the fuses and now she wont start and now buyers remorse is sitting in shes missing 2 door jams radio doesn't working missing the whole glove box(previous owner tried fixing the blower motor/ maybe heater core failed attempt broke the housing now covered in black tape) green fender and bumper hood catches on cowl when open its started to sink in that i just wasted 800😒

right now all i care is for her to run and drive reliable enough to go to work and home I've researched and all i could find was the fuel pump relay which i just replaced still doesn't start it cranks i hear the fuel pump "prime" when i turn the key to turn it on it cranks and dies immediately i ran the diagnoses and i had the code 1-2-1(MAF sensor) i disconnected it and it runs but it stutters for about a good 3 minutes before i can give it some gas and it drives normally but when i'm at it stop it stutter again for 3 minutes then it picks up

i read that it should be MAF from my test but i keep reading either it works or it doesn't work please if anyone has information on this topic or any advice please let me know thank you.
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