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does anyone here have experience with dealing with the s60 R or no R just the premium sound system, and changing it like adding a sub woofer. i'm running into huge problems. I want most of the sound system to stay stock i just wanted to add a sub and it's become a huge problem. any help.

I really need help or a link or phone number to people who know what there doing. because the best shop in my town is struggling with this. they also say that if i were to put a new deck in it would disable my Nav system and the steering wheel entry system ( all the buttons on the steering wheel would go dead) usually they have a kit to fix that but i'm being told Volvo has no such kit or there isn't an after market kit for Volvo.

sorry for my grammar but i'm $2000 into this and i'm fuming to find all these problems. Volvo is working against me to after market there stereo.

someone help me out for god sake !!!!!!

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Can't do it with a stock deck. Add an aftermarket head unit and you'll have flexibility. Steering wheel interfaces are available like the Metra Axxess. An adaptor cable is available on ebay to keep the stock amplifier and use SMA adaptors to get from the aftermarket head unit to the subwoofer amp.


amazing!!! i thought i was just screwed. i'm cool with changing the deck i just don't want to loose control of my NAV ( the one that pops out of the dash) and i'd love to still use the volume and what not on the steering wheel..

so I think for now what would be most helpful. as i think you may have already done is give me the brand names of the kits and brand names of the adapters.

i only ask because I have to present this to the techs working on the car. I want to give them enough info for them to search and find the parts.

they were pretty convinced there was no way around the Volvo system or anyway to adapt it to a new system.

So there willing and ready to do all the work in searching the web and eBay for these parts. since i have already payed them.

if i were to show the tech working on the stereo what you posted would that be enough info to help him find and get these parts? or is more info needed? if so would you be so kind to help me and him out. (with more info?) . I wish to keep the stock speakers because they are so good. will that also cause a problem?

to bad the stock deck won't work but i'll get over that. what i can't get over is disabling my pop up nav and my steering wheel technical abilities. I know the pop up nav is old but It's special to me..

also i have to say if what you posted is all you want to post about this. I thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. Means a lot. my Volvo s60 R is my baby. I love her so much!!! so thank you man i truly appreciate your help.
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All you need to add a sub is a cable like this: http://www.discountcarstereo.com/AiH-VOL2.html

The only adapter on the market that talks to the Volvo bus network (for steering wheel controls) is the Dietz adapter which costs a couple hundred bucks and you have to order it out of Germany. Search for Dietz Volvo for more info.

What else did you want to do? You should ask this in the R forum as there are numerous guys there with custom stuff. You should also list your car's year as things do change depending on it.


ok all i want is add a sub to the premium sound system I have. and the techs can't seem to get it to sound good at all.

what do i need to simply add a sub? is it possible? do i need a new deck? if so , how do i keep my steering wheel controls and my pop up nav system.

so guys please help me out.

i have a 2006 s60 r. I already have a custom box with a bran new sub and amp.

but it sounds horrible. the techs said they are biggy backing of the system. and I think they went wrong there.

any advice?

I'd rather not buy a new deck and screw with the steering wheel and the pop up nav i have up front. I just wanted to add a sub and now i don't know what to do.

any advice? do you need more info? like i said up top i'm $2000 deep so no turning back.

someone please tell me there is a better way to just add a sub and not mess with the whole system. + have it sound good.

if i have to get a new deck, to have it sound good. the techs i'm working with say that Volvo is the only car they can't find a kit to keep the pop up nav and steering wheel controls working.

i new that was wrong but they said they could not find it.

so all i ask if there are these adapters and kits out there please leave the links directly to the equipment I need.

it would mean so much to me if my fellow R friends save this beaut full R from being destroyed by people who can't find the right equipment.

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Too easy. (I know the way I did it is not ideal, that there are easier ways, blah blah blah, but the following is what I did and it works, so there) I used a line out converter (Google 'line out converter' and you'll see PLENTY of examples) pulling signal from the rear deck speakers to feed the amplifier on the sub. Done. If you need to know how exactly I did it, just reply to the thread and I'll type it all, but for now I'm lazy :p HTH!!

-Steve :beer:

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Adding a sub is easy work, even for a BestBuy installer.

My VR had the factory sub wiring kit already installed into the rear, so that was power and ground. For signal I used the sub-outs from my JVC but if you want to keep OEM you can use the signal from the factory wiring harness or use a line-level converter like 420 mentioned fed from the rear speakers. It's not difficult.

Changing headunits will almost certainly kill your steering wheel controls unless you get the rare and expensive adaptor ($300+) from Germany. I don't really miss them with my JVC as I have a remote instead.
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