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Re: after market kits and rims (iroll2)

Welcome to Swedespeed, Andrew - first time visit?

My '96 965 wagon is pretty pimped but aside from a wheel/tire upgrade not much is out there unless you go very $$$ with the rear sport suspension from Europe.

The rage (for a while) was Euro lights on all four corners.

The 960 was Volvo's "flagship" before the 850 got hot and, as you know, came from the factory maxed-out with goodies.

Some folks add a free-flow air filter and get the ECU re-programmed then search for a free-flow cat and exhaust. This adds mostly noise but makes good chat on related forums.

Visit the http://www.tirerack.com/index.jsp

for a look at tire/wheel packages applicable to the 960 Volvo.

I got the last set of 16" Italia Sports (discontinued) from the Tire Rack and had them mount/balance four bad-ass Yokamamas which worked up to be $1,360 - not bad for many years of performance and safety.

Play around on http://www.google.com/advanced_search?hl=en



and you will find world-wide Volvo sites with attention to the 960 model.

Another resource is to follow the site linked to each of these Volvo pics...



George Dill

Temple, Texas
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