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About 8 months ago, I purchased and installed a Motorola IHF-1000 for my S60R before the volvo got the bluetooth kit. I am thinking about purchasing the "volvo harness kit" for my aftermarket IHF-1000 to tap into the system. Howevever, I understand that the orginal volvo bluetooth kit have an interface cable ( I can't buy that) that connect the blue module with a 32 pins connector and output it to 8 pins connector, 2 pins connector for mics and power. The "volvo harness kit" is then attached to that 8 pins connector and connect to the amp.

Now, my question is that my aftermarket motorola IHF-1000 provided a interface cable, however, did not have the 8 pins connector that I can connect to the "volvo harness kit", instead it has just a few wires instead of a connector. I am wondering if I can purchase the 8 pins connector easily and what are my chance my audio installer can install it for me.

I got to make sure as once I bought the volvo harness kit, I can't refund it. Thx
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