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advice needed on purchasing an 850

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I have the opportunity to buy a 1995 Volvo 850 sedan with 98k miles for an excellent price. The exterior is in excellent shape and the car seems to run well... Here's my question... What kind of repair costs can I expect on a Volvo with this many miles? How reliable will the car be at this mileage range? I'm concerned about getting the car and having to dump hundreds or even thousands into fixing it. I've read some reports that the A/C likes to go every 50k miles or so, and others have complained of electrical problems. I am new to Volvo. I'm a Saab driver at the moment, but I'm looking to switch families. Any advice would be appreciated...
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For some codst of ownership info check http://cartalk.cars.com/Survey/Results/Repair-Costs/
BTW, what is an excellent price? I am looking at around US$8K (see my post).
That volvo should be pretty good, my friend has a 95 volvo turbo with over 130,000 miles on it and it is still running strong. The only problem with it is the turbo is starting to lose its pressure, but not to bad. It will still whip a mustang gt.

I live in the Boston area too... I've decided not to get this car. I don't have the money to sink into possible repairs right now. But the car is listed for $8k. Email me at [email protected] and I'll give you the details.
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