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adjusting sun roof height when closed

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I live in San Diego, CA and my roommate and I go surfing alot, and we use my V70 bc his civic can't really fit surfboards on top. So, we tie on the roof rack and unknowingly, we put the strap with the foam piece over my sunroof and i guess over time, the weight of the boards on top of the sunroof pushed it down so now everytime i drive or open and close the door, my sunroof rattles.

So, my question is, is it just loose and i just have to tighten some screws somewhere? How would i do that? Anyone have schematics of how this would work? Please let me know bc the rattling is driving me insaneee!

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Re: adjusting sun roof height when closed (timwu12)

How much rattleing are we talking about? Mine rattles and not because of surfboards. I think these things just tend to rattle as they age...
cool thanks steely!

thesternowl--it's ALOT of rattling hhaha
If it's a P2 car, check for the metal support delamating. If it dose, it makes a hell of a racket. Pull the glass, 4 t25 torx screws. If either of the supports, front or rear, is loose, pull it off. The rattling should subside.
i'm not quite sure i understand. pull off the support? then what's supporting the glass?
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