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Additional horse power through super charging and twin turbocharging

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Hi there,

I recently acquired a 2018 Volvo S90 T4 Inscription (essentially full option), which has 190 BHP. Since it also
has twin (?) turbochargers and super charging, I was wondering how much additional horse power
and torque (if any) is added through these extras ?

Thanks !
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Ah yeah, I wasn't sure about the supercharged indeed.

Well, same question then with "super charging" deleted ?
I would be guessing, but around 30-40 hp contributed by a turbo.
So as an extra, above the 190 BHP, or as part of the 190 BHP ?

Do you also knows what happens with the torque ?
No, it's part of the 190 bhp your engine is generating. If your car did not have a turbo it would be generating less bhp. Torque is around the same.
Thanks !

It just feels so much more swiftly, reactive and powerful than my Volvo S80 D5 (previous car), which had about the same BHP, that I started thinking that the engine of the S90 T4 was stronger nevertheless ...
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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